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Different Types of Cleaning Services

Cleaning is the method of removing harmful materials, including bacteria, harmful airborne particles, dirt, and other contaminants, from a system or environment. It occurs in a variety of contexts, and employs many different techniques. However, many jobs are dedicated to cleaning specifically. In fact, there are literally hundreds of different jobs that fall under the category of “cleaning.”

A good example is janitorial cleaning services. This kind of cleaning services usually occurs when there is a need to clear a room or area because of some public event or activity. Professional cleanings also take place for specific reasons, including professional football games. Other instances in which commercial cleaning services are needed include auto repair shops, hospitals, schools, hospitals, office buildings, military installations, laboratories, pest control, real estate, storage facilities, trailers, and the like.

Another common use for commercial cleaning services is “dusting” or “top-selling.” Commercial cleaning services may offer these services, in addition to the regular janitorial or professional cleaning services. The goal of dusting is to make the floors, chairs, furniture, equipment, tools, windows, etc. as clean as possible, so that people will feel comfortable walking on the floors, using things such as the vacuum cleaner, etc. In some offices, office spaces have extra-large windows that can be dusted, in addition to the regular sized windows.

Washing is another popular job performed by commercial cleaning services. Sometimes, offices need to clean their facilities after large public events. For example, when thousands of people come to an event, office spaces can become very dirty and dusty, especially when people are shopping or eating lunch. Office buildings often contract with cleaning products companies to help with the cleaning products needed for the event, including the disposal of trash and extra supplies of towels and napkins.

Office cleaning services include deep cleaning or surface cleaning, as well as specialty services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, window tinting, and similar services. Some offices even have specialized services that include the removal of food particles from office counters, tabletops, tables, shelves, etc. Office cleaning companies also vacuum the floors, change light bulbs, pick up scuff marks from desks, remove gum, dust, polish furniture, apply new polish to glass surfaces, etc. Some cleaning services offer additional services, including the cleaning of telephones, fax machines, printers, computers, fax lines, photocopy machines, as well as the cleaning of restrooms and kitchens. Some janitorial services provide added services, such as the cleaning of restroom and kitchen sinks and floors.

Commercial cleaning services usually contract with a company that specializes in dusting and vacuuming. Many of these companies will use specialized vacuum cleaners called “dust busters”, which will collect the dust, rather than throwing it back into the air. Cleaning services provide all of the equipment necessary to perform all of the tasks described above.

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